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What is Energetic Coaching?

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Energetic Coaching is a non-linear process for coaches to assist clients in building a closer connection with Spirit through the innate wisdom of the heart.  Energetic Coaching has evolved to respond to the call from many coaching clients for “something more” or to find what is missing in life as it appears outwardly.  Energetic Coaching provides many metaphors, examples, analogies, practices and questions for an inner-oriented approach to discovering more in life.  Energetic Coaching provides a process to satisfy the longing for belonging and to help clients become more attuned to the present moment and the presence of Spirit within each person. 

It Starts with the Individual and Comes from Within

Imagine a world in which everyone pursues and cultivates a closer connection with Spirit!  The fundamental values that foster personal growth and transformation such as inner goodness, respect, trust, truth and love would prevail.  There would be so many people adhering to the core values of human wholeness that those who did not practice such values would be exposed in the bright light of knowing without judgment.  Because of the relationships created and sustained by the energy of Spirit, connections between people would create self-acceptance and self-love.  Because of the continuing quest for inner and outer congruence, individuals would look within for answers to problems rather than blaming and gaming on the outside.  The earth would begin to look more like the one, living, healthy organism that is needed to sustain and nurture life. 

Why Energetic Coaching

Today more than ever, the shortcomings of the outer systems set up to provide governance, income, food, healthcare, spiritual connection and individual life satisfaction are being experienced.  The legalistic society does not provide the vision and values for individuals to know who they are and the real reasons for life.  There is a tendency to act in a stimulus-response way through fear of consequences rather to act with integrity through inner direction. 

For a person willing to take the inner journey and find congruence and connection, Energetic Coaching helps the client to find answers to difficult questions encountered along the way such as:

  • Why am I here?

  • What do I truly want to have?

  • How can I hear and know my inner voice?

How Does Energetic Coaching Work?

Energetic Coaches have sought from within and found and experienced a close connection with Spirit, the source of all goodness and love.  By aligning with Spirit, personal knowing and power is achieved - not once and for all, but on a continuing basis of seeking and experiencing.  Energetic Coaches help clients to look within to where the greatest sphere of influence resides - through ego management and the choice of thoughts, feelings and perceptions. 

Energetic Coaches help facilitate a closer connection with Spirit because Spirit manifests in relationship.  Through achieving a personal relationship with Spirit through inner/outer congruence with high level, spiritual values, the Energetic Coach can help others do the same!

How to Become an Energetic Coach

Energetic Coaching is a calling.  Although a non-linear process is suggested, there are no shortcuts to become an Energetic Coach.  Some people are further along in the process than others because of opportunity, effort and intention.  Once again, this is an inside-out endeavor that is never-ending.  Energetic Coaches are those who have a calling to go beyond the outer goal-directed orientation to provide a solid foundation of values, experience and practice for their clients to experience more Spirit in life. Contact us at the link below for additional information.

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